Phoenix Dragon KungFu Academy
Where do you go to find some of the best tai chi chuan classes in Tampa FL?

With Phoenix Dragon Kung Fu Academy! Teaching tai chi chuan (taijiquan) in Tampa, Florida, our school specializes in programs taught in the Chinese martial arts tradition, covering all aspects of tai chi chuan study. Learning with us is a unique experience designed to last a lifetime.

Martial arts tai chi chuan vs. the rest

Martial arts tai chi chuan is a training system based on a collected group of writings known as the Tai Chi Classics. It is tai ji quan with the martial arts applications left intact. When practiced with tai chi principles, tai chi chuan can deliver tremendous improvements in overall strength, self-defense, health and vitality. Sadly and for many reasons, the secret tai chi principles are not widely taught today. Instead, much of today's tai chi chuan has been watered down for the Western mindset, reduced to nothing more than choreography with a minimum of martial arts benefit.

The traditional difference

Located in Tampa, FL, our tai ji quan classes are different because we base them solely on the classical principles. In fact, it's our specialty. We offer classes for all age ranges and interests. Phoenix Dragon Kung Fu Academy can also provide tai chi chuan workshops and seminars at your location and for your particular need or interest. Just call!

Bringing the best to Tampa, Florida!

We dedicate ourselves to bringing only the highest level of instruction for those who refuse to settle for anything less. If you live in or near Tampa, FL and want to learn classical tai chi chuan, the tai chi chuan with martial arts applications whose benefits of strength and vitality are legend, don't settle for second best! Give us a try. For more information, click on the link below to go to our main website or call us today at 813-786-5196!

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