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Dr. Gary S. Torres, Grandmaster

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What makes Phoenix Dragon Kungfu Academy unique in the world of Chinese martial arts? It’s very simple. We offer an integrated system of training that can turn martial arts students into teachers and martial art teachers into masters. Our standard program begins by building your foundation using the oldest martial art in the world – Shao Lin kungfu. During this time you will practice conditioning and strengthening techniques, coupled with combat forms that are centuries old. And have no doubt – you’ll learn how to use them well. Once your foundation has been established, you’ll then move on to three of the most potent martial arts in the world: Tai Ji Quan, Xing Yi Quan and Ba Gua Zhang. Combining Chinese kungfu hundreds of years old with ancient Daoist energy techniques thousands of years old, these three arts are considered the pinnacle of martial achievement. These four martial arts, combined into one seamless system, offer the kind of real world combat skills few of today’s modern day warriors can hope to achieve. Eventually, in the final stages of your training you will learn how to call up all of these arts effortlessly and without thought, coming to you as needed.

Even more important than a school’s programs is the person teaching them. Trained by the legendary Grandmaster Peter Kwok, Doctor Gary S. Torres has been teaching the Phoenix Dragon Kungfu System, a direct copy of the Kwok System for over thirty four years. As both a physician and a martial artist, he brings to his teachings a unique perspective that simply can’t be found anywhere else.

In addition to its premium program, the academy gives you the option to study any of the martial art styles you wish, in any particular order. Interested just in basic self-defense? No problem. Allow our years of experience to distill out just what you need. Are you the head of a law enforcement or security agency? Give us a call and learn how we can train your group or agency in fast, safe and effective takedowns and counter moves to suit any situation.

Best of all, in addition to teaching in our area, we can also bring the training to you. Call and find out how you can host Doctor Torres for workshops and seminars at your location no matter where you are in the country.


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